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Your local software development boutique for Small & Medium Sized Companies.

We conceive, implement and integrate your IT project.

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Who are we?

We are a team from St. Gallen (CH) that has been developing e-commerce websites and apps in a fully customized fashion. We look forward to supporting you in your innovative, sustainable or disruptive projects that make a positive contribution in your organisation and across your customers.


Atlas Management SA

Sophie Planche


Our asset management boutique was looking for a webdesign company that is flexible, that listens and which can fully develop a website based on all of our needs and wishes. With, we found such a partner and we are highly satisfied with the outcome. In addition to the webdesign, we also gave our logo a new fresh re-design!

Malteser Thai Haus

Kop Khun Ka


Thank you very much it-rebels. You just made my business so much easier. Super helpful for someone like me, who doesn't know much about websites. Me and the Malteser Thai Haus Team would like to thank you again for helping us.

James Forster

Marketing Head

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Smart System Architecture

We help you in the conceptualization phase and assist you with a detailed layout of the system architecture of your project. We support you in connecting your digital project with existing systems, providers and technologies, but most importantly, to make your company fully ready for the digitalization age.


Perfect Design

We will ensure a simple and smooth user-experience & design to assure the Users enjoy using your service/product. In short: it is going to be user-friendly!


On-time implementation

We support you in the technical execution and implementation of your project. We provide realistic project roadmaps and deliver on-time. We are fair and transparent in the software development and provide the software development service at affordable rates.


Providing with perspective

We have the right people on board who can consult on you various aspects prior to starting the project to ensure that what you do satisfies your customers/users.

Conceptual design

Technical conception

Design (UI)

User Experience (UX)

Software Development

Integration with existing systems

Compatibility with other system via APIs

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our team

Mateusz Merzwinski


Freddy Jones


Noah Hussain


Aleksander Lukasiewicz


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